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Agriculture Chain

Agriculture Chain

In the agricultural machinery chain system, industrial automation chain system and other fields, Choho has become the industry leader. By 2020, Choho has more than 1,600 dealers in the world, and has provided supporting facilities for more than 100 famous manufacturers such as LOVOL, Zhongnong Fa Ju Ming, Yinghu, CLASS, Aike Yanzhou (AGCO), Wode, Shun Kun, Brave, Sakurata and etc.
Taking the development and manufacturing of agricultural machinery chain system as the core industry, the company has introduced and built perfect test equipment, automatic production line and system original supporting system. With the domestic leading production-study-research integrated mode, the company has a strong independent agricultural machinery chain system development ability, and can participate in the early development of agricultural machinery chain system.

Supporting Manufacturers:

Agriculture Chain Technology character
1. O/X-ring seals the outlet of lubrication oil
2. Sintered Bushing. special sintered material, which can meet the customers' demand for free oiling and long service life
3. α-PIN. Anti-wearing、Anti-high tempreture、Anti-corruption
4. Solid Bush. not easy to deformation.
5. Strong Pre-tensioning.
6. Shot Blasting.
7. Vacuum Oiling