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Brief Introduction


Qingdao Choho Industrial Co., Ltd. is a leading company in the domestic chain drive industry. Chain transmission is one of the three transmission systems, widely used in motorcycles, automobiles, ships, agricultural machinery, construction machinery, lifting and transportation machinery, logistics and storage, escalators, food and drug machinery, light industry machinery, petrochemicals and other fields .

CHOHO is engaged in the research and development, manufacturing and sales of various chain drive systems. The products are mainly used in the engines and transmission systems of various vehicles, agricultural machinery transmission and conveying systems, industrial equipment transmission and conveying systems, etc. With the upgrading of technology and the accumulation of the market, the company's product line continues to expand, and the vehicle chain system has been extended to ship engines and other fields. Relying on the existing technical experience in agricultural machinery, rotary tiller blades and ploughshares etc. rotary tillage parts was developed. laid a solid foundation for further market expanding and brand strengthening in the future.

Relying on industry-leading R&D technology, product quality and service, CHOHO has achieved  plenty of high-quality customers. We supply vehicle chain system products for well-known vehicle manufacturers such as Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Dachangjiang, CF MOTOR, Qianjiang Motorcycles, Knorr-Bremse etc.; Supply agricultural chain system products for well-known agricultural machinery manufacturers at home and abroad, such as German CLAAS and LOVOL-ARBOS; Supply industrial equipment chain system products for well-known enterprises such as Guangdong Xinyuan, Kunshan Logistics, Qingdao Kejie and Sinsong Robotics. The trademark has been registered in many countries, and the products are exported to dozens of countries and regions in Europe, America, Southeast Asia, South America, Africa etc., serving more than 2,000 after-sales customers.

CHOHO attaches great importance to product innovation and production process optimization, and has always adhered to the integrated research and development method of production, learning and research. Through cooperation on research with many domestic OEMs and scientific research institutions, as well as Jilin University, Shandong University of Science and Technology, Qingdao University of Technology and Liaoning University of Technology Other colleges built a highly skilled and well-founded R&D team with the technical ability to develop multiple R&D projects in same time and quickly respond to customer needs.

The company has the first batch of nationally recognized enterprise technology center in the industry and was selected as a national technological innovation demonstration enterprise. It has the ability to produce "high power ship engine transmission chain" and has obtained the Mann certification, and the engine strengthened silent chain Break foreign monopolies successfully.

As a leading company in the domestic chain drive industry, the company is actively participating in the drafting and formulation of national and industry standards while cultivating various chain system products and technologies. Until June 30, 2020, the company has drafted or participated in the formulation of 24 national and industry standards and get 136 national patents.

CHOHO attaches great importance to product quality and Approved by many global quality system certification system of France, Norway, and Germany. Through the establishment of a sophisticated production management process and quality control system, the entire product process control is achieved. With the introduction of advanced production, processing, and testing equipment, CHOHO has internationally leading full-process quality control capabilities to provide customers with high-quality products.

In the future, CHOHO will seize the opportunity of my country's increasing emphasis on industrial foundation, increase technological research, actively expand business and promote product extension. The company will absorb the production research and development experience of independent research and development of fully automatic packaging lines and fully automatic chain linking lines, continue to promote the automation of production process and intelligent control technology, ensure the efficient and stable production of products, and provide customers with high quality and high performance Chain system products, and continue to move towards the global chain system technology leader.

  • 1999

    Founded in 1999

  • 1500+

    The number of employees is 1500+

  • 24

    Industry standard number 24

  • 150

    More than 150 national patents

  • 8.06

    The total revenue is 806 million

Choho,Chain Transmission Technology Leader